A.S. 2018

My 6 weeks together with Mike and Paul went by way too fast. However I had an amazing time with lots of new experience. Mike and Paul are super easygoing and willing to help wherever help is needed. They showed us beautiful places on the Island such as the North shore, National Parks, Charlottetown and an old Fort. I personally had the chance to get to know the traditional way of making maple syrup and eating my first lobster. Thank you for the great time, showing me around and the card games we had. Not to forget, the fabulous meals made by Paul. I can highly recommend to stay with Paul and Mike whenever you’re going to PEI.  A.S. 2018
​My two month stay here was the most amazing summer in my whole life and I am very very glad that Mike contacted me!


First of PEI is the perfect place to be in summer and fall. The Island has a beautiful countryside and some very nice, white, long beaches. 

The farm is probably the most wonderful spot on the whole island. Over the last 10 years they turned this place in a real paradise with a stunning big garden, a nice orchard, some cows and chickens and an absolutley amazing, 5km long, selfmade hiking trail (They walk it every morning at 6:30 before breakfast but I only made it twice :D). 

Mike and Paul are two very special people. They are very smart, kind and generous, have a great sense of humor and treat you like their own family. The work at the farm can be tough from time to time but it is always varied and fullfilling.  Thanks to Paul the meals were better than I have ever expected and I really miss the delicious cookies and chocolate cakes. All in all it is just the best place to spend your time during the summer and you will never regret to come to Maplehill Farms. I really miss you guys and thank you again for the amazing time!